Read it, it's fantastic!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

Never ever had I thought that this book would grab my heart like it did. I knew it was a hit, i knew everyone talked about it a while back. but normally I never give much about that, after all, everyone read and loved "Twilight", too...see where that got us...


But this book captured me from the very first sentence. I'm way older than Charlie is, so you might think my time of relating to someone experiencing growing-up should be over, but "Perks" took me back to it all in a good way.


I also loved how bookish the book was. Not only does it give interesting reading suggestions for younger readers (intertextuality, anyone?), it also beautifully shows how reading these classics (and I would guess everyone read at least some of them in school) changes Charlies world...which is something I can relate to so very much. The same thing applies for the music mentioned throughout the letters. Remember the time you made that one mixtape that contained ALL your favourite music, for that one person that was ALL your favourite person at that time? That's how reading this books feels.